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About Us

In the vast landscape of the events industry, Zarinova Events radiates as a beacon of excellence.

Though a young company, our roots trace back to 2017, instilling in us a wealth of expertise and finesse.

Our dedicated team of visionary minds has swiftly positioned Zarinova Events as

the paramount destination for crafting moments of pure enchantment. The rhythms of live music shows and the soul-stirring melodies of concerts resonate with our core, while our event production and decor mesmerize with seamless precision. Our pursuit of perfection knows no limits, fueled by an unwavering passion for our craft. With every celebration we undertake, be it a resplendent birthday gala, a heartfelt baby shower, or an elegant engagement ceremony, we embrace professionalism and artistry, weaving dreams into treasured realities. At Zarinova Events, creating unforgettable experiences is our pride, and we etch memories that shimmer with joy and wonder. Based in Pune, India, we are committed to delivering exceptional events across the country.


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The birthday decoration service provided by Zarinova Events was absolutely fantastic! The team's creativity and attention to detail made my special day truly magical. I was thrilled with the beautiful setup, and it made my birthday celebration a day I'll cherish forever.

Sadolkar Ajinkya, Pune


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